A state of the art day program space designed by intellectually disabled adults for intellectually disabled adults.

It provides a space that’s fun, stimulating and engaging for its users who are given the opportunity to learn, relax & build relationships.

This is all accompanied by a comfortable, versatile and attractive office space for staff.

The project involved the fit-out of 2 existing tenancies including new flooring, walls, services, joinery and furniture to set-out an area of bathrooms, kitchens, a gymnasium, entertainment area, work stations, lounges and meetings spaces.

As a huge compliment to the program space, the vast internal environment opens to 200 square metres of natural timber decking elevated around the mature gumtrees to create a shady zone even in the heat of summer.


Check out how the occupants use the space below:

Project details
  • Commercial Client:
  • $600KProject Value:
  • 11 weeksDuration: