This challenge saw an under-utilised area transformed into two state-of-the-art Science and Technology laboratories. To make room, Streetbuild demolished a stairwell and an existing concrete reinforced column. The column was replaced with two 13m rows of L-500WC 440 structural steel beams for stability. The beams, totalling 11,880kg were installed in an extremely-restricted space.

The orange lab features an exposed slab soffit ceiling, acoustic baffles, a fume cupboard and display cabinet while the purple lab has a plasterboard ceiling, a break out room and a concealed drain pipe.

Both classrooms utilise C-Bus controlled lights, blinds, doors and windows plus white glass teaching boards, pin boards, swipe-card access, freestanding showers, sinks, gas outlets, LED screens and moveable desks. Additional works included the refurbishment of upper-level amenities, tiling, infill of windows, brick facing, and cutting an opening in the existing slab to make room for a lift.

Streetbuild worked closey with architects Tzannes Associates and Warwick Smith from Sandrick Project Directions throughout the process to ensure the client's desired final outcome was reached. Streetbuild would like to thank all subcontractors involved in the project for helping to achieve such an outstanding final product.

Project details
  • Education Client:
  • $2.7millionProject Value:
  • 17 weeksDuration: