Client: Woolworths Ltd             Project Value: $2.6M            Duration: 17 weeks

Description: Major refurbishment to an existing Woolworths Store

Site Supervisor: Alister Young

Project Manager: Nick Diamond

Contract Administrator: Ashley Konitzka

This Woolworths Store was not only tired and very dated, it was very small and uninviting.

Woolworths Park Ridge was in desperate need of a facelift, and boy did we give it one!

However, a facelift was not the only item on the construction schedule. This store needed more space—a lot more space. Woolworths customers were very keen to browse along the aisles and choose their fresh produce without bumping into other customers.

So our challenge? You guessed it. We had to come up with much more retail floor space without any area being compromised. The creative geniuses behind the scenes, worked their magic and we created a total of an additional 500m2 in floor space. The entire floor has new vinyl, the old ceiling was demolished and replaced with a completely new one along with new lighting, the produce area has all new produce tables, and an additional 4 metres in width of floor space, there are all new refrigeration cases, new paint, tiles, signage and bulkheads, and we demolished the back wall and pushed back into the back end of the store to create more space for the butcher and the dairy department.

It is now an absolute pleasure walking into this newly refurbished Woolworths store. It is much more spacious, very inviting, bright, open and the customers love it. Opening day was a huge success with people lining up well before opening time.

Many thanks goes out to all of the sub-contractors who worked with us on this great project.

Completed 10th May 2016

Project details
  • Woolworths Client:
  • $2.6MProject Value:
  • 17 weeksDuration: