• Herman Monserrat

    Herman Monserrat Finance & Administration Manager

    Herman is the Finance and Administration Manager for Streetbuild. Herman is a Qualified CPA with both professional and commercial experience in a large number of businesses and Industries. Herman is an experienced finance professional with over 7 years’ experience in commercial construction. His strengths are in project cost management, financial management, forecasting and reporting. Herman is very meticulous and displays confidence and mastery in managing the Streetbuild accounts. Outside of the work environment, Herman enjoys spending time with his immediate and extended family, playing tennis, swimming and reading.

    • 02 9062 8411
  • Michelle White

    Michelle White Marketing & Business Development Executive

    Michelle has been with Streetbuild since April 2013. Her wide-ranging and pivotal role is responsible for overseeing the digital, brand and communications portfolios of the business and managing the business development side of the business. Michelle is responsible for developing and implementing the organisations digital strategy, managing the organisations brand, developing and implementing key communications initiatives and the management of key stakeholder relationships.

    Michelle works in unison with other members of the management team and the Directors to implement and deliver a variety of important strategic initiatives across the entire business. 

    • (02) 6678 0810 or 0439 888 313