Wouldn’t it be great to be working for someone that genuinely cares about its employees? To follow a path that is rewarding, yet challenging in an environment where you are encouraged to grow, be a better version of yourself and feel that incredible sense of self-satisfaction? Where you’re not just a number within a massive organisation?

We take great pride in knowing that our average tenure at Streetbuild is 6 years – yes you read that correctly – 6 years! When the national average is 4 we know we are doing something right.

Our work comes to us based on our product, personal values, work ethic and word of mouth - The way we go about our work and the way we treat people is what attracts our clients…hopefully it's what will attract you as well.

"We're not your average builder and we're proud of it. We come to work because we love what we do. We don't set out to impress, we're simply driven by our passion to create & to express our vision." Graeme Street (Managing Director)

So……what are you waiting for. You’ve read this much, you’re still here. Go on, take the next step. Review our available positions below and then get in touch with us so we can get a better understanding of who YOU are.

If there are no positions available, feel free to send us your CV anyway as we are always looking for good staff – particularly Site Staff.

If you are interested in pursuing a career with one of the most respected construction companies, send your resume to careers@streetbuild.com

Below is our list of current available positions.