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Graeme Street, Managing Director, handing Herman Monserrat his 10-year anniversary gift.


A lot can happen in 10 years, and certainly, our Finance & Administration Manager, Mr Herman Monserrat has seen a lot. Previously from Pritchard & Lees Chartered Accountants and Panasonic Australia, Herman has just recently celebrated 10 years at Streetbuild.

Today, according to the ABS Statistics, the average employee tenure is 4.2 years. In a business that has 20 employees, the average tenure for employees at Streetbuild, is 6 years.  

In an industry that is constantly growing and changing, I sat down with Herman to ask him his thoughts about why he thinks our employee tenure, in particular, is higher than the national average. Here is the interview:

“Herman, in this ever-changing world that we live in, what do you think is the major factor, or factors involved in staff staying with Streetbuild for as long as they do? What is the secret?”

“There is no great secret really. We do the “small” stuff really well. The stuff that matters. Staff have easy access to the business owners to discuss any matters, and the relationship between staff and managers is open and honest. Streetbuild offers ongoing training and professional development and we remunerate staff well. Working conditions are good, we look after staff with bonuses, weekends away and we recognise staff for their hard work, dedication and commitment. Ultimately, we understand that family is a priority and the “family friendly” culture certainly flows down from the top. We currently have two staff members that work remotely and this is just one small example of how our flexible culture enabled these two staff to move to a rural location, and retain their employment.”

“So Herman, 10 years for you. Can you give me some reasons as to your amazing tenure?”

“I joined the company in early in 2008 as a ‘matured aged worker’ (50 years). It was a privilege as I was continuously ‘knocked back’ for jobs as I was seen to be ‘over-qualified’.  In other words - too old. My ex-boss Doug Pritchard in the Accounting Practice saw I was looking around for a new role and recommended me to Graeme Street (Managing Director) when an employee by the name of John Hurst was leaving the company due to health reasons.  

I had to very quickly learn the construction industry so I could make a positive contribution to the business. Overtime Graeme saw that I could handle more complex business issues so I was delegated with broader aspects and my load increased. A Management Committee was formed and I became an integral part of the Committee.   I built a good rapport with Graeme Street, Senior Managers and the rest of the Streetbuild Team.    

As I was a much older worker it wasn’t so much about the money (unlike the younger members who are still building their careers) but more to do with building good relations with my manager and the rest of the team.  People recognise I have a good acumen with the work I do and are happy for me being around them.   The work I do varies and is challenging and I get satisfaction at the end of the day.”   

Herman certainly touched on some interesting points here. Among employees, we often refer to the team as “The Streetbuild Family”. We are a bunch of professionals – all exceptional at what we do and passionate about our jobs. And yes, the world is changing all around us. Rapidly. And it is important to embrace change, after-all, it is the one thing (apart from death and taxes!) that is guaranteed in life. Isn’t it nice though, to feel like every day when you leave your home, you’re going to a place where you feel like you’re an integral part of something?

This is what we strive to achieve with our employees.

Herman certainly is an integral part of our business, and we hope that in 10 years’ time, we will be doing another article on him. Happy 10 years Herman!

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