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The Junction Works provides a broad range of services that share a common concern for supporting people experiencing adversity & disadvantage.

JUNK FREE JUNE is an annual fundraising campaign that not only helps participants get a bit healthier, but also raises money for The Junction Works' Well Being(s) Strategy.

In 2013, through the commitment of their staff, family, friends, colleagues and sponsors, this years' Junk Free June campaign raised over $36,000.00 for The Junction Works.  This is a record amount for Junk Free June.

They had over 100 participants, individual or part of a team who took part in this challenge.   Many of the participants pledged to give up their "bad habits" for example Junk Food, Chips/Chocolate, Cakes, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Alcohol, and Smoking.  Some also made the pledge to take up more exercise, whether it be in the gym, walking or cycling. 

Whilst there were over 100 participants, they also had the most amazing support of over 500 individuals and companies throughout Sydney who, through giving generously, will allow the young men and women we service to engage in activities that are new, exciting and informative and will allow them to become more confident young men and women.

Streetbuild were very proud to be one of Junk Free June supporters for 2013.

For more information about The Junction Works and the amazing work they do in our community, please visit:

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