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Image courtesy of Crossley Architects

The Gold Coast is set to become the new home of Australia's largest sea jelly exhibit, uniquely featuring a research laboratory inside the display at Sea World.

The nine-years-in-the-making collaboration with Griffith University will give the public the opportunity to peer into the scientific research of the marine life, while enjoying the aquarium that will hold about 2500 jellies.

A variety of local species will be hosted in the facility including blue blubber, the moon jelly, upside down jellies and the deadly irukandji.

Sea World director of marine sciences Trevor Long said the facility will not only provide much needed research into sea jellies, but will also create a stunning display.

Working alongside Village Roadshow and Crossley Architects, Streetbuild is very excited to be building this unique, state-of-the-art facility at Sea World. 

Works will begin on the 25th September and will be complete on December 15th.

The exhibition will open to the public in April 2018, just in time for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. 

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