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Streetbuild are proud to announce that we are the successful Building Contractor for the Stage 2 part of the Ravenswood School for Girls, Science and Technology Centre upgrade.

After completing Stage 1 Streetbuild was very keen to finish the job we had started and are excited and proud to be constructing Stage 2 and complete the Science and Technology Centre for Ravenswood School for Girls.

Works commenced on the 17th June 2015, and this $5.6 million major upgrade is due to be complete in January 2016.

There will be an additional 5 labs in Stage 2 leaving 7 labs in total that will have received a complete face-lift. Staff facilities are also being refurbished and the teachers will get additional space with some of the classrooms being converted into staff rooms.

As with Stage 1, there is no expense being spared in this upgrade, with the main focus being a “Celebration of Science” in this forward thinking school for girls.

The schools outcome is to encourage a passion for science for all students at the school. With every room they are taught in, and every path they take, there will be a reminder that we are surrounded by the beauty of science.

The teaching spaces will be inspiring with plenty of bright colours and modern use of design. There will be state of the art services to facilitate the teaching of science. A C-Bus system will be installed that will control anything that can be controlled – the lights, the air conditioning, the blinds – will all be automated.

The entire mechanical side will be managed by a BMS System (Building Management System) so the staff and students will have complete control over the lighting etc.

A Building Management System (BMS) or a (more recent terminology) Building Automation System (BAS) is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

Big comfy couches, to give the classrooms a more comfortable feel, will take pride of place to create a university type feel in the rooms. Huge 80inch touch screen televisions will go in, along with new state-of-the-art fume cupboards.

To tie in with the works that we complete in Stage 1, we will again be keeping the ceilings exposed within the classrooms to showcase the slab structure and the mechanics of the air conditioning system. The purpose of this is to give the students an idea of the building process and how things come together.

The classrooms are not the only part of this school that is getting a makeover. The courtyard will become an area that the students will love to be a part of. And again, any opportunity to showcase science will be taken advantage of. A massive section of the courtyard will be dedicated to Women in Science. Stainless steel plaques will be dotted all along the concrete slab with names engraved in each plaque of famous women within the science world.

12 Pavegen Tiles will take pride of place under the breezeway area. Pavegen means the energy of every footstep, captured and converted to electrical power. Every time these tiles are walked on, energy will be made. This is a very practical way for the girls to be constantly learning about energy.

Utilising laser cut materials to form the shape of the Murray River and Murray Delta - running through the courtyard will be a custom made model of the Rivers. This will certainly be a talking point of this creative outdoor space.

This incredible major upgrade will help to make an inspiring environment for the girls to learn in and also for the teachers to teach in.

Streetbuild are very excited to be a part of this incredible build.

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