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Michelle White sat down with Rimon Ayoub (Streetbuild's Chief Estimator) recently (via a video call!) to discuss what success means to him, who inspires him every day and why he enjoys working for Streetbuild. What they didn't discuss was COVID, so if you want to read about that - you may have to head elsewhere! Here is part of what he had to say:

"When I first Joined Streetbuild in 2019, I was already treated as part of this family. I think it is very important for businesses to provide the care, respect and assurance to each and every staff member and in return, the same respect, care, and quality is reflected in each employee, manager, and subcontractor in their day to day tasks. That is what Streetbuild is all about. 

Early in my career, I thought that in order to progress in life, I had to go with the flow and become a person that I wasn’t. I quickly realised that this will only please the person in front of me for a moment of time and has no positive impact on my career and self-satisfaction.

I built self-confidence and pushed through to success by being myself, ensuring that every decision, every accomplishment is made with honesty, integrity, and care. 

I have met many inspiring people in my life, both personally and professionally. My wife Victoria is my inspiration and my rock. She is constantly encouraging me to be a better version of myself.

Every day I wake and ask myself the question, “what can I do to be better today?”. I believe I am a good planner, I manage my time and everyday tasks very well, however, no matter how I plan and invest time on a task, I know there is another way, potentially an even better way. This gives me a sense of change; it helps me accomplish more in life and it’s an amazing tool to overcome challenges.

To me, success is perfecting each task from small to big, ensuring that I gained valuable experience along the way and enjoyed the company of everyone involved.  Success is knowing that my contribution not only benefits me, but that it also impacts others and pushes growth towards the end goal. Success doesn’t always mean winning every challenge, success is looking back and learning a lesson from the experience and then pushing toward a better outcome in the future."

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