Description:   Refurbishment to the entire store.

This store was well due for a refurbishment with it’s out-dated and miss-matching coloured ceiling tiles, the old layout and very dated refrigeration cases. Specific works that Streetbuild undertook were as follows: we re-tiled the Deli and Seafood prep areas, demolished the old meat prep area and turned it into stockroom storage, re-painted produce ceiling tiles, re-tiled the Bakery prep area, full store relay, new cases were installed in the deli, seafood and cheese areas, new baker fixtures, checkout changeover, new staff dining kitchenette, and new external signage. There were a couple of difficulties that we faced along the way such as the plinth in the Seafood/Deli area being deeper than the existing slab and the Project Manager from the client being on leave for the majority of the project. Despite these issues that we overcame, this project was delivered to a very happy client on time, and with no delays to the programme. There were some minor variations due to the latent condition of the seafood/deli area. Completed September 2015


Project details
  • Woolworths Client:
  • $650KProject Value:
  • 6.5 weeksDuration: