Our three biggest learnings from the pandemic

And how they are shaping a new evolution in the construction industry

There is no doubt that the pandemic has turned the construction industry on its head and became the catalyst for several challenges that have reshaped the way we work. From remote working and forced site closures to labour and material shortages, we’ve had to learn to ride the wave and do things differently. 

Through it all, the team at Streetbuild has taken it all in their stride to continue to build upon its resilient culture and innate ability to seek solutions to even the toughest, unforeseeable challenges. 

Now, well into 2022, the team at Streetbuild is assessing some of the key learnings that have come out of this phase in our history to help us look ahead and predict the key trends that will shape the future of the construction industry in the years to come. 

  1. Adaptability is important for innovation

With forced office closures, teams moved to remote working overnight, with little warning or preparation. The sudden change brought with it difficulties associated with managing teams remotely, meeting clients and continuing business as usual operations. However, it also brought safety, flexibility and enabled teams an opportunity to be resourceful and explore a new way of conducting business. The Streetbuild team adapted quickly to the new way of working which allowed us to maintain consistency in our work and uncover innovations that we otherwise may have never explored.

While remote working was first viewed as a means to an end, it is now very much here to stay. Streetbuild State Manager – NSW, Carlos Pintos agrees and highlights that this new way of working now also presents a unique opportunity within the construction industry.

“I believe that working remotely will continue throughout the business sector even after the pandemic morphs into an endemic. As a result of the reduced need for office spaces, I believe the opportunity to repurpose existing buildings will rise drastically. This will involve thinking outside the box to achieve the best outcome for the client.”

Carlos Pintos
  1. Embrace technology to unlock greater efficiencies 

With remote working came the rise of video conferencing technologies which didn’t just allow us to continue operations, but equally if not more importantly, discover efficiencies, from client meetings to virtual site inspections.  

With technology advancing rapidly, there are many other opportunities to increase productivity, safety and overall operations. Drone technology, augmented reality, 3D printing – the list goes on. 

These tools all aim to provide rich information and data sources and increase the useability of spaces for clients and their customers. 

According to Streetbuild State Manager – NSW, Carlos Pintos increases in software development will drive many efficiencies across the construction industry. 

The industry has lacked modernisation for many years and has not kept pace with other industries. I think this will change in the next few years.”

Carlos Pintos

Technology will change the construction industry as we know it and must be embraced, otherwise there is a risk of being left behind.

  1. Adversity builds resilience 

In the space of just a few months, the construction industry had to tackle many challenges. Teams found ways to shift and adapt to remote working. Leadership teams navigated their way through constantly changing rules and regulations handed down from state governments. And to top it all off, Project Managers dealt with labour and material shortages while avoiding delays to their projects. 

Through it all, we were reminded of a lesson that we have learnt time and time again. Adversity builds resilience and helps us to grow as a team. As Streetbuild Managing Director, Tim Gagen says,

“Every challenge tests us and pushes us outside of our comfort zone, and that is where we find our greatest growth. While it is extremely uncomfortable to live through challenging times, they also bring with them new perspectives, new ideas and when we look back, we are often surprised at just how much we can handle.”

Tim Gagen

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Woolworths Wollongong eCOMM Expansion

To keep up with ever evolving retail customer needs, Woolworths Group partnered with Streetbuild to erect a new online shopping collection point. The project featured Australia’s first fabric awning, as well as modifications to the loading dock and back of house area to ensure the smooth processing of this new service.

Julie Smith

Chief Financial Officer – Director

Julie is a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years’ experience advising business. With a background in professional services, Julie has worked with businesses across a variety of industries at every stage of business to consult on their future plans, execute new ideas and develop strategies that drive business growth.

Her main area of focus is applying data analytics to get behind the numbers and provide insight to help our business and clients. In her role at Streetbuild, Julie enjoys working with colleagues across all areas of the business to assist in delivering for our clients.

Herman Monserrat

Financa & Administration Manager

As a qualified Accountant with 13 years’ experience across a large number of organisations and industries, Herman manages the Finance and Administration function at Streetbuild.

His strengths lie in project cost management, financial management, forecasting and reporting and his meticulous work ethic and financial management mastery make him an invaluable asset to the Streetbuild team.

Rimon Ayoub


With Rimon’s Extensive experience in the construction industry he has obtained over 15 years in leadership roles across a variety of sectors, including operations management experience within the construction supply chain industry, followed by a shift to Project Management role in the commercial construction industry which then led Rimon into the current Estimating Management role he is currently in with us at Streetbuild.

Rimon brings an extensive amount of professional insight and knowledge to several aspects of commercial construction, Rimon offers an outstanding degree of expertise to Streetbuild. He has built an enviable reputation as an innovative thinker responsible for the pre-construction of all national projects.



Worked at StreetBuild for just over 2 years. Moved to WA in 2007 with his family. Cameron currently hold extensive knowledge after being in the construction industry for 26years with qualifications such as Diploma of Building, Diploma of Building Surveying and a Cert III in construction (fit out and finish). Cameron has had several leadership roles within his 26years of experience in the construction industry and through these experiences his career advice is it’s a small world, surround yourself with good people.

A personal message from Cam… “I look forward to being a part of the good work that has been delivered by the Streetbuild team over the years”.

Steve Winchester

National Construction Manager – Director

As a highly motivated, goal orientated, and process driven leader, Steve’s focus is on driving collaboration within project teams to achieve optimum project outcomes for each and every client.

Managing the Queensland construction team as State Manager, Steve instils his acute attention to detail, quality and safety into each team member. This has resulted in an unwavering track record of successful commercial, retail, industrial and residential construction and refurbishment projects.

Tim Gagen

Managing Director

Backed by over 25 years in construction, Tim is well respected in the industry, demonstrated through the strong relationships he has established with his own team, clients, consultants and sub-contractors. Tim became managing director in June 2018, after a successful 10 year period with Streetbuild working across all areas the business.

He has proven to be a leader, that understands the importance of effective client communication, and his success lies in his commitment to taking a ‘hands on’ management approach.

Having worked and learnt under strong mentors himself, Tim understands the value of providing strong leadership, and mentoring to his staff members. Tim has a natural ability to develop and strengthen both individuals and management teams resulting in deeply loyal, inspired and effective colleagues.

Graeme Street


In 1998, after a successful and diverse domestic and commercial construction career spanning 30 years Graeme founded his own business, Streetbuild.

From day one, Graeme’s attention to detail ensured that business was constructed on the foundations of quality service, industry best practice, strong business ethics and an unwavering desire to go the extra mile for all stakeholders.

To this end, Graeme’s focus was to establish Streetbuild as a trusted employer and business partner – something he is proud to have successfully achieved with 25 staff that uphold these same values and over 30 construction partner organisations across Australia.

After leading the Streetbuild team as Managing Director for 20 years, in July 2018, Graeme handed the batten to Co-owner, Tim Gagen who has since shouldered the overall management and commercial direction of the business.

Graeme has now taken a more ‘helicopter view’ of the business, remaining as Founding Director & Secretary and Board Members, playing an advisory role in the areas of compliance and business practices.

With the commercial management of the business taken care of, Graeme now has the opportunity to pursue his passion for developing the Streetbuild team and providing mentorship to staff covering everything from construction expertise to business acumen. This process has been instrumental in providing a pathway to meet the short and longer-term aspirations.

Graeme continues to derive great satisfaction and pride in the ongoing development and expansion of the Streetbuild business and the people that make it happen in the STREETBUILD WAY.

Woolworths Wollongong eCOMM Expansion

To keep up with ever evolving retail customer needs, Woolworths Group partnered with Streetbuild to erect a new online shopping collection point. The project featured Australia’s first fabric awning, as well as modifications to the loading dock and back of house area to ensure the smooth processing of this new service.

Kmart Perth New Store Fit-Out

Over 8 weeks, Streetbuild converted this retail space into a brand new Kmart store. The project began with demolition and removal of existing fit-out which was then replaced with a new store front, upgrade to all internal fittings and relocation of service facilities.

Woolworths Oran Park eCOMM Expansion

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Streetbuild were appointed to construct a new online shopping collection point for Woolworths Group to help facilitate and evolve with rapidly changing customer needs. the changing customer needs. This project included the construction of a new canopy, office, cool room and back of house space.

Big W Blacktown Refurbishment

Streetbuild were engaged to transform this outdated Big W store under the Australia wide Renewal 2.0 initiative. The refurbishment included demolition and modifications to the existing store, installation of new flooring, paint refresh and upgrades to service areas and back of house facilities.